These types of ovarian cysts are the result of abnormal cell growth, but they do not necessarily lead to cancers. In fact, some abnormal ovarian cysts can be inside a woman’s womb without causing any harm at all. But there are also more dangerous abnormal cysts that need to be identified and given attention to at the first sign of their presence. Abnormal cysts can cause pain, fertility problems, and, yes, ovarian cancers. Some examples of abnormal cysts are Cystadenoma Cysts, Endometrial Cysts and Dermoid Cysts.

Cystadenoma Cysts – These kinds of cysts grow with stems attached to the ovaries. When stems twist, they can cause extreme pain and require immediate surgery.

Endometrial Cysts – These are also called chocolate cysts because they are filled with old blood the color of chocolate. Endometrial cysts on the ovaries are really patches of the endometriosis, or uterus lining, that grow on other parts of the body. Throughout the menstrual cycle, the endometrial cysts fill with blood and expand or rupture, causing great pain.

Dermoid Cysts – Dermoid cysts, or teratomas, are really classified more as tumors rather than cysts. They are characterized by formations on their surface, such as bone, teeth, skin, and hair. Doctors are uncertain as to the cause of dermoid cysts, but one theory postulates that even an unfertilized egg already starts to develop human body parts. Another theory suggests that each of us is carrying a “twin” inside us. Dermoid cysts have a lot of potential to become cancers.

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